Saturday, May 1, 2010

Proprietary Firms In India

1)Futures First

Futures First is one of the largest Prop Shops in India Indulging in Derivatives with almost 25% of the employees from IIT.

2) Capstone Securities Analysis Pvt Ltd.

Capstone is a international Organisation with expertise in US Stocks Trading providing an initial Trainee Trader Position for 1 month. The Website is

3) Trenchant India

Trenchant India is situated in Chennai with Prop Positions for around the world Trading.

Website :

4) TransMarket Group

Transmarket Group is situated in Mumbai and is a US Propreitary Trading Organisation trading almost every available market in World that is liquid.

Website :

Want to know more about the World's top Tier Prop Firms , i think this article would serve the purpose.

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